Buzz Surrounding Little Italy Food Hall

As Piazza della Famiglia begins opening in phases, the anticipation and buzz for the Little Italy Food Hall continues to grow. Little Italy has become a hub for delectable and authentic Italian food and good eats. Its newest project is no exception. Expected to be completed this summer, the new 4,685+ square-foot food hall will house six locally-driven vendors, a full bar with local beers and craft cocktails and an outdoor chefs’ area that will feature pop-up cooking demonstrations.

Host of Sam the Cooking Guy, Sam Zien, will serve as the face of the food hall where he will introduce his taco shop concept, Not Not Tacos. In addition, he will also lead live demonstrations in the chefs’ area and act as an ambassador for the food hall.

Four other confirmed vendors will be the Bar at Little Italy Food Hall, Ambrogio15Roast Meat & Sandwich and Wicked Maine Lobster.

Concept Rendering of Little Italy Food Hall (Courtesy of Grit & Grain Collective)

Concept Rendering of Little Italy Food Hall (Courtesy of Grit & Grain Collective)

San Diego - based hospitality group Grain & Grit Collective, and developer H. G. Fenton Company collaborated on the Little Italy concept.  

The design and architecture of the hall will allude to Little Italy’s maritime past and honor its strong immigrant foundations. A light and bright interior will be complemented by clean modern lines, authentic nautical materials, patterns, and colors.

Located at 550 West Date St, Piazza della Famiglia will also include an 11,000 square-foot open air piazza. 125 Apartment units, underground parking, retail and restaurant spaces will share the over 16,000-square foot vicinity.

Information was obtained from the Feb 15, 2018 article by the San Diego Union Tribune titled "Little Italy Food Hall will make arrival in summer 2018".

Article can be found HERE